DIOR – Serum De Rouge Lipstick Review

DIOR- Serum De Rouge lipstick Review

Hi Friends,

Its beginning of the amazing year and I would like to start with a bang by presenting you the review for my favourite lipstick by Dior. Its the serum de rouge lipstick#760. I believe lipstick is the true friend of a woman because its gives the confidence and it is an ultimate sign of femininity. As you wear it just enlightens the face and changes the entire persona.




Packaging :

Serum de rouge lipstick  comes in dark blue colour packaging with cannage pattern on it which is patented by dior. It is long and sleek in design. It is fragrance free lipstick.




Features :

serum de rouge lipstick is super hydrating lipstick as it contains ten times more moisture than regular lipstick. Its serum texture just glides on the lips leaving lips soft and hydrated. The shade #760 is nice decent pink colour for which one can wear daily. Serum de rouge lipstick is boon for winters because it gives great comfort on wearing.

Its sleek packaging is convenient to carry in bag or clutch, but some may find it difficult to carry as it wont fit in your regular lipstick pouch.

Lasting :

Lasting of the lipstick is not that great because of its hydrating serum texture so cant expect too much from this category of lipsticks. Also dior has limited shades in this range of lipsticks so not much choice.

Pricing :

Rs. 2270/-

Final Verdict :

Overall this lipstick is a must for lipstick fanatics for its decent pricing compared to the name. As the name dior gives luxurious feel for every product it produces. Hmmmmmmmmmmm i just love this brand.



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