Livon Moroccan Silk Serum – Review

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum – Review

With the onset of winters, cold waves take away the moisture from the skin and hair.

Managing the hair is a bigger task than managing the skin. How do you take care of your hair?

Shampoo? Yesss, conditioning? Sometimes, oiling? Occasionally,  serum? Rare.  Alright!

sometimes conditioning , occasionally oiling and rare serum application, Why not regularly?

Shampoo, conditioning and serum has to be followed whenever you wash your hair. Oiling depends on you but for me  I do it weekly at night keep it overnight and follow my regime.

I used to apply livon silky potion serum after my hair wash and recently livon has introduced their new livon Moroccan silk serum which I cannot resist complimenting.

So here we go for the review of the new livon Moroccan silk serum :



Packaging :

Livon has given a very fresh look to this product so that when you see you will be tempted to buy. The box is light pink in colour and the serum is in transparent plastic cylindrical shape bottle. The bottle has got a pump dispenser so one can take the required quantity.


Benefits :

This serum is packed with goodness, let’s see what the company claims :

  • Moroccan Argan Oil which softens the hair, restores shine, strengthens hair, protects from UV, heals damaged hair.
  • UV Filter sunscreen which protects hair from sun.
  • Vitamin E- Deeply nourishes hair.
  • Conditioning Agent from Japan helps to deliver radiance and shine to hair.


My Take on Livon Moroccan Silky Serum :

I have been ardent fan of livon silky potion but after using livon Moroccan silk serum I don’t think so I will go back to livon silky potion. Reason being the serum is light textured with soft and mild floral fragrance. You will fall in love with the mild fragrance. On application it immediately gave shine and softness to my hair. My hairs were more manageable as it detangled the knots in hair. The effect of serum was immediate but  lasted for only a day or two.

How to use :

Wash your hair, Towel dry and apply the serum starting from the top middle to the ends (very little quantity depending on hair length). Left over on palms you can apply on top of head. Blow dry or comb with a wide tooth comb.

Pricing :

249/- for 59ml.

149/- for 30ml. (Trial size)

 Final Verdict :

Must try for every girl/woman. You can go for the trial size if you have a lot of frizzy hair.

Easy in application, attractive packaging and decent results.



DIOR – Serum De Rouge Lipstick Review

DIOR- Serum De Rouge lipstick Review

Hi Friends,

Its beginning of the amazing year and I would like to start with a bang by presenting you the review for my favourite lipstick by Dior. Its the serum de rouge lipstick#760. I believe lipstick is the true friend of a woman because its gives the confidence and it is an ultimate sign of femininity. As you wear it just enlightens the face and changes the entire persona.




Packaging :

Serum de rouge lipstick  comes in dark blue colour packaging with cannage pattern on it which is patented by dior. It is long and sleek in design. It is fragrance free lipstick.




Features :

serum de rouge lipstick is super hydrating lipstick as it contains ten times more moisture than regular lipstick. Its serum texture just glides on the lips leaving lips soft and hydrated. The shade #760 is nice decent pink colour for which one can wear daily. Serum de rouge lipstick is boon for winters because it gives great comfort on wearing.

Its sleek packaging is convenient to carry in bag or clutch, but some may find it difficult to carry as it wont fit in your regular lipstick pouch.

Lasting :

Lasting of the lipstick is not that great because of its hydrating serum texture so cant expect too much from this category of lipsticks. Also dior has limited shades in this range of lipsticks so not much choice.

Pricing :

Rs. 2270/-

Final Verdict :

Overall this lipstick is a must for lipstick fanatics for its decent pricing compared to the name. As the name dior gives luxurious feel for every product it produces. Hmmmmmmmmmmm i just love this brand.





Since this is my first post I want to write about something special and something which is important to me. For me, eyes are the most important asset to human being and taking care of it is my priority.

Do you know:-

  • We blink 1000 times a day.
  • Our eyes have 100 times lesser skin cells than rest of the face skin.
  • Our eyes skin is 10 times thinner than rest of the face skin.
  • Skin around the eye contour has fewer oil glands.
  • Our eyes are the first to show signs of stress and fatigue.

Now that you know let’s get serious about our eyes because just taking care of your skin is not enough.

I have recently discovered this amazing product for eyes which is by La prairie called as Essence Of Skin Caviar Eye Complex.



Packaging: – It is a blue colour glass bottle and has got a test tube dispenser so one can precisely apply one drop for both eyes.

It is light colourless gel formulation for the eyes. It is so light that one can hardly feel it applied. The product just disappears in seconds leaving a fresh and soft feel on eyes.

So let’s see what it does?

1) Caviar extracts, a source of marine DNA nourishes the skin with vitamins  which help increase firmness and elasticity. Caviar extracts include omega 3s which boost the antioxidant level of defence

2) It features silky micro-gel formulation which  and fills lines. It also works like a primer which improves application and wear of eye make-up.

3) It is enriched with apple extracts and amino acids which moisturises and Allantoin which calms and soothe skin thereby minimizing the puffiness of your eyes.




Twice in a day AM/PM after cleansing and toning in light patting motion from outer to inner corner.


Rs.10393/- for 15ml.

On application the product really made my eyes feel lighter and fresh and day by day my fines lines around eyes were soften. I liked it’s texture the most as it was not at all greasy and convenient to apply unlike eye creams. I wish it could help me vanish my dark circles as well which it couldn’t. So beware this is not the  product for dark circles.

Final Verdict:-

Expensive but value for money because of the benefit it offers. Since La Prairie is a Swiss brand and we cannot argue on the swiss expertise. Personally speaking if you have money and are looking out quality product this one is sure winner.